Are Anime Dating Sites legitimate?

It's hard to call an almost free platform a scam. You can upload tons of pictures, talk on the forum, find a new friend - and it's all FREE. Yes, there is a subscription plan, but it only costs a few bucks per month and it's not crucial if you don't purchase it. As for malicious software, our experts say that there are no viruses you should be afraid of, so don't worry. You can check it yourself by going to their website or simply continue reading this anime dating site review.


As you can already imagine, most of the users here are anime lovers. It would be strange if an anime dating site didn't have fans of Japanese art. People on dating sites for anime lovers come from all over the world. This kind of thing is not only limited to residents of the United States or Europe. In terms of quantity, anime dating sites have already been operating for more than ten years and in all these years they have managed to create a rather large anime community online.

Sexual orientation

According to our anime lovers dating review, most of the members are heterosexual and there are no limits, which means that any sexual orientation is allowed. Don't worry about wasting your time if you find a person with a specific sexual orientation on anime dating website. There are special search filters that allow you to sort participants by gender and their sexual preferences. Moreover, this feature is free of charge.

Age of Users

Although most anime fans are young, you can still find dozens of users in their 30s and 40s. Use the filters to set your desired age range.

Age of users

Although most anime fans are young, you can still find dozens of users in their 30s and 40s. Use the filters to set your desired age range.

Registration process and login information

It's completely free to create a profile on most anime dating sites: all you have to do is provide your email, choose a password (if you're using the Chrome browser, then it can generate it for you) and select a desirable nickname. You won't even have to confirm your profile via an email link or anything like that: once you've opened an account, you can start browsing and looking for interesting people to converse with. The only downside is that there is no Facebook profile synchronization on dating sites for anime lovers, which might save you some time importing data from your social network.

Profile creation

Once you're done with the registration process, you can start with setting up the actual profile. Upload some photos, add your location, write something about yourself (for example, what kind of movies you like, what kind of anime you're watching, what kind of manga you're reading, and your favorite genre of music). You can also add your date of birth so that other people can find you through the filters. Finally, you can edit your list of anime shows.


You can talk to anyone you want on anime dating websites. Unlike many dating services out there, you won't have to pay for messages here. It's free, as is sharing pictures with your interlocutors. Even readers of anime dating apps reviews might find the whole process similar to what they do on Facebook: there's a panel on the right side of the screen where you can see people online. To write to some of them just click on their name and the message window will appear, just like on Facebook. It is very efficient as you can open many windows and chat with multiple users at once without switching tabs. So, if you are familiar with the Facebook chat system, it won't be a problem for you to get used to anime fans dating sites messaging.

Available platforms

You can use these anime dating sites on multiple platforms: keep reading anime lovers dating review to learn more.

Paid and free access

So, what are the benefits of paying for a anime dating app membership? One of the reasons is to support your favorite anime community to grow and become even more meaningful. The next feature would be saving your private messages forever and getting more highlights when matching occurs. Some tools haven't been released yet, but will soon be available to premium users: less captcha and the ability to send crushes to others. Another benefit of premium membership would be to see recent matches by browsing people who have visited the site recently. You also get more visibility because when you pay for the premium, you'll get into the pages of anime girl dating website and become a kind of local superstar.

How to pay

Anime dating apps is completely safe for users. They have no viruses or malicious software. Although there are ads present, none of them will harm your computer or your privacy because the owner uses only reliable advertisers. You also have to be careful when someone sends you links because anime fan dating sites developers do not read your chats and someone can trick you with malicious content. So, your safety is also your responsibility. There are cases when friends send a link and people open them, without even suspecting that their friends have been hacked. So, you should always be careful when clicking on something on the Internet. Since anime dating sites is part of the Web, the same rule applies to it. Another tip: enable your firewall and use an antivirus to be safe.


Unfortunately, scamming is common not only in real life but also on the World Wide Web. But with anime dating apps you get what you pay for, and the total membership fee is small - it's like two cups of coffee. You can check out the site for free and make sure there are no limits to the number of images uploaded, along with other great features that alternative dating platforms put behind a paywall.